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DL PRODUCTIONS was founded in 1992 in Anna, Ohio. Since its creation, the business has provided advertisements in the form of placemats, menus, and display boards for a diverse group of restaurants across thirteen counties in western Ohio.

Today, our main focus is providing restaurants with free placemats, paid for completely by advertisers. The majority of our clients are independent restaurant owners, however, our products are available to all!

Service is our focus. Our mission is to provide a unique advertising medium for locally owned businesses. The cost for these ads is very reasonable compared to that of other ‘usual’ advertising methods. Our clients increase their exposure to local patrons without breaking the bank.

Businesses tell us that they receive more bang for their buck when they place an ad on one of our placemats. They fully understand that a restaurant patron will actually read the ads placed in front of them before they eat. Since most advertisers are local businesses, they receive a lot of positive feedback about their ad from friends, associates, and customers.

We offer experienced guidance, creative copywriting, professional graphic design and high quality commercial printing all at an affordable price.

Please contact us if you require placemats or are interested in advertising.