From our advertisers:

“I’m always amazed at how reasonably priced your ads are. The placemat is by far and away the cheapest way for me to advertise, especially compared to local newspapers, which seem to constantly be raising their prices."
Pastor, Jackson Center

“Please call me if [ABC Corp.] ever decides to get off this placemat. I want my company to take its place!”
Sales Manager, Tipp City

“We know our customers see our placemat ad, they comment on it more than any other ad we place.”
Business Owner, Troy

From our restaurants:

“Sign us up! We’ve been spending three cents per placemat for the last five years. If it’s free, it’s for me!”
Restaurant Owner, Celina

“Using your placemats was great decision. Our mid-week business has increased now that we’ve started advertising our happy hour, catering and daily specials in the center space.”
Restaurant Manager, Troy

“Joe, thanks for always following up with me right away. You’re always so quick to replenish our placemat supply when we ask.”
Restaurant Owner, St. Mary's

"It's great that the people who advertise on our placemats also come in to eat here. A lot of them have become regulars and usually bring along friends and coworkers. Some have even scheduled their annual business Christmas party in our banquet room!"
Restaurant Owner, Lima